Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Learn about me, and this blog

About me.

I live in Wellington, New Zealand.
This hill bound harbour city is our nation's capital, and home to many awesome cafes and bars. It's also home to many many I.T professionals building awesome things for government departments, banks, private companies, and the public.
I am one of those I.T professionals, specifically - a software tester.
I've been in the software testing profession since 2006, and have been working at Trade Me since 2009. I'm the Test Manager, working with our delivery teams who are continuously making improvements to New Zealand's largest online marketplace and classified advertising platform.

Why I've decided to blog.

There are some great people already blogging, and already contributing to the wider test community. I have no intention of being the best blogger blogging about testing. I have no desire to be an 'evangelist tester' or 'celebrity tester' telling people the right way to do things, or the cool new trend they all should follow.
I decided to blog, because I've learnt A LOT as a tester, and I enjoy sharing what I've learnt - and what I see other people learning.
Actually, the one constant I've encountered in testing (as in life) is that we're always learning. Our days are full of learning experiences.
Our aim as testers is to gather information about systems (learning), and convey that information back to others (facilitating learning). e.g. We learn how something should work, how it actually works, how it doesn't work, and then we report that information to stakeholders.
On top of that, in our professional and personal lives we're always learning how to do new things, better ways to do old things, and the ways in which we'd rather not do things.

I facilitate and participate in learning opportunities constantly in my role; running training sessions as a test manager, mentoring other testers as an experienced test analyst, giving functionality demos and insights as an internal SME, and even just by encouraging people to look for ways to improve things.
I'm constantly learning from testers I work with, testers in the community, developers, business analysts, database engineers, and SMEs.

So the reason for, and the aim of my blog is to share learning experiences; both my own, and those of the people I encounter working as a Tester and Test Manager.

Let's see what we learn.

- Sean

p.s. Chippie Tester comes from a nick name I had as a child. 'Chip'. As in 'Chip off the old block' - a hat tip to my father.
What significance does it have to my blog?... well, both my father and my mother spent their working careers as teachers. They love learning experiences and spent a combined 90 years teaching children through learning experiences.

p.p.s I am a fan of hot chips. I suppose if this doesn't work out, I could make a blog about testing the fried starch amazing-ness that Wellington restaurants have to offer...

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